Sunday Sermon – April 13, 2015


Show Up

Here’s what’s bound to be an unpopular notion – quit yer bitchin’ and just go to work.

Not only that, show up looking like you’re ready to be there, willing to be there and invested in the outcome of whatever you’re working on.

Is your life perfect? No.

Is your job perfect? No.

Do you have all your wishes and dreams fulfilled? No.

No one does. That is so not the point.

Look, I hear you. I’m thoroughly a Gen X’er. Cynicism is like air to us. We heard stuff like “The Power of Positive Thinking” and “affirmations” and wanted to throw up all over it. And exactly where did that get us? The Boomers are depressed because no one prepared them to run the planet and here they are stuck doing it. Gen X’ers are depressed because we keep telling ourselves over and over again that everything in the world defies the laws of physics and managed to both suck and blow at the same time. On top of that we pat ourselves on the back for how clever and funny we are at mocking and denigrating everything.

Here’s the thing though – no amount of bitter cynicism and denial of reality will make reality bend to our wills. The fact of the matter is that you really are what you do most of the time, so if you spend most of your life pointing out the flaws in everything you will become a sad, bitter and cynical bastard who no one wants to spend any time around, and no matter how superior you think you are, being alone and left out actually literally literally sucks (thank you John Oliver).

So knock it the hell off.

You know what’s amazing? Everything! Why? Because it is!

You are alive. Go do stuff. And while you’re at it, get a decent haircut and dress like you give a damn about the rest of the planet who has to look at you.

Moving Day!

I have inhabited this blog in one form or another since before Blog was a word. Over the past year or so I’ve primarily used this website as a conduit for my fitness coaching business and the suit hasn’t fit particularly well.

It’s not that I’m abandoning this site, nor am I abandoning fitness coaching, I’m just following the policy that good fences make good neighbors. The Weak In Rock is going back to being the funnel through which I pour my impressions and thoughts about music, sports, politics and social issues. You’ll see some rebranding happening over the next couple of weeks and some content that lives here now getting removed.

For those of you who came here for my weekly fitness playlists and content about nutrition, health and physical fitness there’s a new place I’d like you to visit and hopefully return to frequently.

Introducing (drum roll please) – The Rock-It Rider.

There’s a new workout playlist up as of this morning plus some other content that will interest you if you came here for the fitness and nutrition stuff. This change is one I’ve been contemplating for at least six months and got really serious about in the past month. There is a ton of history here on this blog and organizing the content in such a way that it could actually server a purpose to someone other than myself was becoming increasingly unwieldy. It also wasn’t fair to my readers to mix heavy, philosophical and/or political stuff (or abjectly fluffy pop culture items) into a site where so many people were trying to find information on how to improve their health and fitness. It was time for a change.

This change is also going to be reflected in my presence on Facebook, although that change is going to move a bit more slowly.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this blog from the beginning and to everyone who has joined me in the past year (who I’d love to see stick with it, but will understand if you migrate over to the Rock-It Rider… well, cuz that’s the whole point, isn’t it?).


Weekly Workout Playlist – 1-12-15

Alright, alright. I heard ya. Get back to the ROCK, Joe. Ok. But I reserve the right to get down on it at some future date. ;-)

Weekly Workout Playlist – 1-5-15

Welcome to 2015 everyone. For some reason I was inspired to toss us back 30 years into the 80s for this week’s playlist. Spotify creates their own workout playlists but they’re sorta random, and it really does not seem as if they are thinking about movement and motivation as much as they are just aggregating songs together by loose genres. Anyway, this is better than their 80s playlist. I guarantee it.

Record collection exploration – Part One – Found All The Parts

I have a pretty impressive record collection (at least I think it’s impressive). And I’m talking actual records here. Vinyl. Now I have lots and lots of CDs too and about 19,000 digital tracks on my computer/iPod, so I’m not one of those old dudes who is sitting around griping about how much cooler LPs were than any of that stuff… although they are.

But here’s the thing, I’ve got a lot of stuff in my collection that I never listen to, and I needed to find a way to re-introduce myself to it, this this first in what will possibly be a long-running series.

This morning I was staring at my record stacks and one record kept grabbing my attention, and it’s a real oddball. Continue Reading →

Weekly Workout Playlist – 12-29-14

I DJ’d at a party this past weekend, so I’ve got disco and funk on the brain. I will say this, if you listen to this playlist and don’t feel like moving, you might be a space alien.

Have a great and safe New Year everyone.

Almost that time…

Got any resolutions for 2015?

Ok, I know, you’re looking at me right now and saying, “what the actual heck, Joe, it’s only a day after Christmas and you’re already on this?”


Look, it’s just not my way to not have a plan. I Learned a long time ago that a goal without a plan is just a wish. Planning takes time, and thought. It’s not something you can do in an instant. I’ve got goals, for 2015, and another thing I’ve learned about goal-setting is that sharing your goals makes them real. When you put them out there they take on a more concrete nature. It also gives the folks who know you the best an opportunity to help you see bits you might have missed in the planning phase. Continue Reading →

Weekly Workout Playlist for 12-22-14

I’m getting a new bicycle, so I had bikes and stuff on my mind while I put this one together. Then I got into a punk rock tangent, but it works.


Weekly Workout Playlist – 12-15-14

Interesting little conversation with the missus this weekend about how tough it must be to come up with original music. Well, not to be self-serving, as a guy who exclusively plays in cover bands these days, but bah and feh unto originality for it’s own sake. Just pick great songs and play those well… Like all these famous rock stars did.