Too Much Pressure

Being a grown-up has been a pain in the ass since March of 2020.

Lock downs. Actual fear that this virus would kill me and/or someone close to me. Actual fear that people who harbor unhinged beliefs about some sort of illuminati and/or one-world-government conspiracy being responsible for either the COVID-19 virus or have made it all up as a lever to use to control everyone and everything would go batshit and, I don’t know, start shooting. An economic crisis. Shortages of goods (like food and TP). The ongoing utter dysfunction of the US Congress/the polarization of American political and social life to the point where I’m actually afraid to voice an opinion around anyone I don’t know really, really, really well.

Side note: If you know me, I have opinions. Like, a lot of them. I haven't been restrained in sharing them since I was about 8 or 9 years old. If I'm keeping my thoughts to myself, you fucking know it's bad.

Then stuff got a little better, then it got bad again, then it got better, then it got bad…


The new most funnest thing is, being told to go back to the office. Which, by the way, for me, I haven’t had to do since before 2017. I was a full-time remote worker long before anyone else I knew. I gave lots of tips on how to set up a home office, what technology was helpful and what wasn’t, how to get a decent deal from your ISP so you can have a solid chunk of bandwidth to stay connected with, and how to keep yourself from forgetting to log off and not just work all the time, now that work is in your house to people who were newbies to the remote working game in 2020. So, color me not at all happy with being told to go “back” to an office I haven’t worked in for more than one day a week for over 5 years.

Bro, commuting can eat a bag of farts.

The world is very, very, very stressful right now. Kinda the last thing I need as icing on that cake is spending 3 hours a day in traffic. Also would kinda prefer not to have to fill up my gas tank twice a week when gas is $6.29 a gallon.

Oh, yeah, and Russia invaded Ukraine. So there’s that. Haven’t had a war in Europe since 1945. For those of you who are math challenged – that’s 77 years.

What, exactly, was the thinking over there in the Kremlin, by the way? We have a global fucking plague going on - as in 6.3 million deaths worldwide since March 2020. What kind of dreadful, narcissistic ghoul decides that what the world really needs in the middle of that kind of crisis is to worry about a Russian dictator with ED trying to prove his manliness by seizing another nation's territory (and justifying it by accusing that nation's Jewish president of being a Nazi), and threatening to maybe launch a few nuke if the rest of the world doesn't just let him get away with it.

Of course we now also get to find out how many mass shootings it takes for everyone to just get used to kids in school, people shopping for groceries and people going to church being mowed down by sociopaths because this country is full of people who have a boner for firearms.

I’m exhausted. I’m guessing you are too.

This is my way of saying I’m going to write here again. Because, quite obviously, I’ve got a few things on my mind.

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