Ok, I’ll say it. Ivan Rodriguez is a monumental idiot. 

I’ve been stewing over this for days and I finally just had to say it. What on earth possesses one of the most talented catchers in professional baseball to go play for a team that last year came within a couple of games of setting a new record for most losses in a single season. This is especially baffling after Pudge became the golden boy of the Florida Marlins’ run at the World Championship last year. 

The simple answer is money. One would hope that Pudge actually paid attention to how profoundly stupid putting money ahead of all other interests has turned out to be for Alex Rodriguez. Heck, I-Rod witnessed first hand in Texas exactly how lousy chasing money can be a for a ballplayer.

Detroit has no better chance with Ivan Rodriguez of having a winning season than they did without him. They’ve still basically got the same crowd of inexperienced, under-talented players and coaches that they had last year. One or two tweaks to the lineup ain’t gonna make any difference. Having a seasoned pro like Pudge on the squad probably will help to teach those kids a thing or three, but they’re still basically minor leaguers. And since the triple A club is playing in Detroit if someone should get hurt… well, that’s actually just too horrifying to contemplate.

Anyway, someone just needs to shoot Scott Boras before he does any more damage to the careers of talented players.

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