I hate Christmas. I also hate Hanukkah and Kwanza. I’m not too fond of Ramadan either.

There. I’ve said it. The holidays suck. Today was a perfect example of everything that is wrong with this time of year. I had to work today, which was really pointless since out of the two thousand or so employees at my place of work I’d guess there were about a grand total of four hundred who actually came to work today. What, exactly, was accomplished by our being open for business? The thing is though, I didn’t mind being there. I just wish I’d had something to do apart from read emails from people on the Nor-Cal Punk List from people gloating about how they had the day off. 

So anyway, I took a somewhat long lunch to try and take a bite out of the boredom. That was a bad idea. Instead of a nice, relaxing lunch with my new book I was surrounded by crazed last-minute Xmas shoppers. How can these holidays be a good idea when they make so many people so obviously miserable. I mean I can actually see the misery on people’s faces. 

Lunch was a bust, so I went for a walk. I decided to go look at records and see if I felt motivated to buy any. I didn’t. Not surprising. Record stores are leaving me increasingly cold these days, but that’s fodder for another article. What did I see at the local retail center? Crying children. That’s right. I saw lots of crying children. Why were they crying? Because they know they’re not getting what they want for Xmas and because they’ve been told that this is something worthy of tears. They were also crying because they were surrounded by angry grown-ups. That’s never a good position to be in.

No, these holidays just suck. We need to stop this nonsense. 

Ok, I do have to be honest. I do like a couple of things about this time of year. Mostly I like all the lights on the houses. The world just looks a lot more friendly and fun with colorful lights all over everything. I also like warm beverages. For some reason we only get the really good warm beverages during the winter holiday season. I am truly a sucker for an eggnog latte (even though I can only have decaf, and then only very infrequently lest I end up with my internal organs all messed up again – fuel for another rant some other time). I also love hot apple cider. Fact is, I’d drink both of the above in June and enjoy them just as much, but I don’t get to do that, so I avail myself of them now.

I also love giving people gifts. I don’t much care for receiving them. I’m not that into material possessions. The stuff I really want and need I mostly already have. I appreciate the gesture, but I much more enjoy giving presents than getting them. Buying them is another thing. 

So it’s not all bad. Just mostly bad.

Here’s wishing you and yours a good holiday. At least all the craziness is over for another year.

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