Fight the war against moronism!…

I don’t give two shits about terrorists. I do care about morons.

Yesterday the morons were out in force. Taking a few days off from work this week, I decided to go see the latest Matrix movie (and no, I’m not going to tell you what I thought of it – this is about morons, not movies). On my way to the theater I encountered no less than 20 people on the road who were talking on cell phones while attempting to drive.

I say attempting to drive because not one of these idiots was coming even close to accomplishing this rather simple task. The prince among the mentally deficient had to be the dude in his big gold 70s-era Cadillac who drove about two miles straddling two lanes. Two lanes!!! No less obnoxious was the woman on the freeway who was putting along at around 40 mph, causing something of a minor traffic jam in the process. 

What the hell is it with people. You get in the car to drive. The only diversions you’re allowed when behind the wheel of a few thousand pounds of steel traveling at high speed (and even 25 mph is high speed when that speed is acheived by a ton of metal on wheels) are music playing on your car stereo or possibly polite conversation with your passengers. Talking on the phone, especially when you have to use one hand to hold said phone to your ear, is just not a good idea when you’re driving, as amply demonstrated by the number of nincompoops who can’t keep their vehicles in one lane, drive at the speed limit or pay attention to the road in any sort of meaningful way while on their thrice cursed cell phones. 

And while I’m being cranky about people doing things in cars that they ought not to be, what the fuck is up with all these cars with DVD players in them? I get the whole idea that this is to keep the kids in the back calm and quiet, but for crying out loud, doesn’t junior already watch enough friggin’ TV? And don’t mom and dad already spend plenty of time ignoring their kids? 

Like I keep saying – the future ain’t what it used to be.

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