About six years ago I started posting regular flailing rants about the world of music, pop culture and pretty much anything else that ran across my mind and seemed to be a decent subject for a good read. To do so I needed to submerge my brain in the weird nooks and crannies of HTML, web hosting, FTP and all kinds of other technobabblical mumbo jumbo. It was a lot of work. And if it hadn’t been for my being employed by extremely lax and undemanding employers I might have actually had to do this on my own time. The horror. 

And now look at what’s happened. There’s this whole web culture of bloggers who do the same thing using a variety of tools to accomplish the task that make it no more difficult than tippy tapping one’s thoughts into a computer and hitting a “post” button. In fact, I’m doing that very thing right now. I’m using a blogging service right now to write and post this drivel. 

Make no mistake. This is drivel. John Leo’s column in this week’s issue of US News & World Report is devoted to the wonder of blogging and he mentions the phenomenon of the established media (newspapers, most specifically) getting scooped by bloggers. Um, John, you aren’t being scooped. That is, unless you consider unresearched and largely unsupported opinion worthy competition. Well, gee, actually since we are talking about US News, I suppose he’s got a point afterall. Anyway, my point is that this whole trend of blogging really isn’t a journalistic revolution. Journalists, at least in theory, research their stories, check their facts, corroborate claims made by their sources, and do all sorts of tedious stuff to make sure that when they write about a subject they’re not just spewing opinion. Bloggers just rant.

Nothing wrong with that. Ranting is good for the digestion. Goodness knows I found great relief of intestinal distress in the couple of years I kept up my original Weak In Rock web columns. But you know, caveat emptor and all that. You folks need to remember that this ain’t the troof just because someone put in the effort to klicky clack it into a keyboard. 

So, here I be. Back in bidness.

Well, unfortunately, that’s about the sum of my thoughts at the moment. I could go on a bit about how absolutely distressing I find the current state of the Oakland A’s (losing three in a row to Boston????…. at home, no less???) but then you’d all be scratching your noggins wondering what the devil that has to do with R – O – C – K. I’ll save that for another day.

Toodle pip.

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