Doom Skrölls

What started as a way to kill time during social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic with a couple of songs turned into a full-length LP.

Working with Rob Bonstin, a dear friend who I’ve known for a looong time, we wrote and recorded (remotely) Cthulhu Christmas in response to people online who were making comments as far back as March like, “it can’t get any worse” or “how can things get any worse” one of us (at this point I don’t actually remember which one) said something to the effect of, “well, now we’re going to get Cthulhu for Christmas.”

The phrase stuck in my head and I thought it would make a great song. Then as I thought about what that song might sound like I became certain it would sound like early Brian Johnson-era AC/DC. I cranked up my recording gear and started working. I sent the finished backing track to Rob and way faster than I expected he shot me back a finished set of vocal tracks. We decided then to make a video:

From there we just kept going. and by early October we had 12 finished songs. Each one a tribute to an artist who has a unique and recognizable style or a general classic genre. And each song addresses a part of this weird pandemic world we’re living in.

Originally, I’d thought we’d call the LP “2020” but around the time we were finishing it up I started hearing the phrase “doom scrolling” a lot as a way to describe what people were doing – just endlessly refreshing their social media feeds to look for horrible things to be upset about. Thus the title “Doom Skrölls” was born (which then gave me the idea for a cover depicting Nostradamus refreshing his feed on his laptop.

Vocals, lyrics, vocal arrangements: Rob Bonstin
Guitars, bass, keyboards and drum programming: Joe Selby
Keyboard solo on Zoom Party: Rob Bonstin
Production and engineering: Joe Selby

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