Workout Journal – 4/18/17 – Plyometrically not perfect

The saying goes that some days you get the bear and some days the bear gets you.

The bear got me yesterday.

No, I didn’t get hurt but I wussed out. I looked at the calendar and just did. not. want. to do Plyo. I didn’t want to do it so much that I was faced with the possibility that I was going to blow off working out entirely. I didn’t let myself do that, but I did call an audible.

I queued up P90X3, did the Cold Start warmup and then did Agility X.

So, what’s the difference, you say? Well, about 200 calories.

Plyometrics in P90X is a beast. For me it’s about a 600 calorie burning, 60 minute, smash your ego into tiny pieces beast. My psyche and my body just said no.

It’s not that Agility X is easy. It’s just not as demanding. I’ll put it this way – about a third of the way through Plyo in P90X, Tony Horton, who might actually be one of the fittest men alive, has to take a moment and grab his knees.

He’s the creator of the program. He also doesn’t do 100% of the moves in the workout because he’s coaching. And he’s standing there breathing hard, needing a minute to collect himself to go to the next bit. In comparison he’s pretty much smiling and joking his way through Agility X. Again, it’s not an easy or cushy workout, but it’s not the level of batshit that Plyo is.

Why’d I wuss out? For whatever reason I just did not have it in me last night. Maybe it was the soreness in my shoulders from the previous night’s workout. Maybe it was spending nearly two full days dealing with janitorial contractors who don’t seem to get it. The point is that I didn’t just bail. I came up with a viable alternative.

Doing something is always better than doing nothing when it comes to fitness. And there’s a lot to be said for keeping your momentum going.

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