Workout Journal – 4/16/17 – Easter MMX

The problem with taking Friday off is I had to get in a workout today before heading off for Easter with the family.

On the plus side, it was Kenpo/MMX’s turn in the order and I love that stuff.

That said, it has been a while since I did X3 MMX so coordination was a challenge on a few moves. Translation: Me no like sprawls.

Maybe it’s an age thing. At 50, when I hit the deck, I’m probably planning to stay there, not jump up and fight more.

So, reset week is over. Tomorrow I dive in to Block 2 of P90X. That means a couple of new workouts, some different moves and a whole new set of challenges for the next three weeks.

Oh, and could someone do something about this rain, because the epic wetening of California 2017 has done its job. More of this is just gratuitous.

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