Fantasy Baseball – Wheeeee!!!!

One of the side-effects of the brief Wynona Riders reunion this past winter was getting to hang out with Dave E.C. and talk baseball during breaks in rehearsal.

In the midst of one of those chats Dave declared he was drafting me for his 2017 fantasy league. Color me stoked. I started playing rotisserie baseball back in the early 90s (before it was automated and easily done using one of the many league systems you can find online). I even subscribed to USA Today because they had a badass set of daily scores and stats that was lightyears better than any of my local papers. We did live drafts, with a couple dozen team owners on a conference line on a Sunday morning prior to the start of the season. Money was on the line. Money that I never even came close to winning.

At some point I started reading Bill James’ newsletters (and then books) on which stats were bullshit and which ones were meaningful.

The level of nerditude was absurd. But it was so much fun.

It’s been about 10 years since the last time I participated in a fantasy league, so I was fully prepared to completely cock up my draft. We started with a Yahoo! league, but the scoring system was a mess, so Dave wisely suggested we jump ship and start over on ESPN. The new draft took place overnight last night.

Here’s my initial batting lineup:

batting card

Since I drafted catcher on the DL (and failed to pick up a second catcher), this morning I grabbed Yadier Molina and he’ll get inserted into my lineup on Monday when he’s eligible. Once Sanchez comes off the DL, if he’s playing well I’ll have to drop someone else to make sure I have a catcher who can start every day.

Nothing special about this lineup, but my pitching roster…. muwhahahahahaha!


This is gonna be fun.

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