Workout Journal – 4/10/17 – Chest and Back

This is what I like to call penance week.

I learned this trick several years ago. If I miss a week, for whatever reason, I go back to the last week of the program I completed and do that week’s workouts again before moving on.

Why? Because a price must be paid.

Look, lots of people would tell you to pick up where you left off, which usually means doing the week you missed, or to simply keep rolling and hit the ground running with whatever calendar day you’re supposed to be on, but for me neither of those strategies work well.

For example, if I were to just have done the workout for today the P90X calendar said I should do today I would have jumped into the first workout of Phase II of the program. Having done a recovery week with more rest than anything else (well, actually just rest and not much else) I’d be diving in to the deep end. Could work ok, but I’ve used that strategy before and while I can’t give you a solid, fact-based reason why it doesn’t work for me, I can tell you it throws me off. All I feel like I’m accomplishing is marking x’s on a calendar, when the point is to get the physical benefits of the program.

I could have also done this week as an extra recovery week, but my experience with that is that two weeks off from lifting and busting it causes me to lose pretty much every bit of gains in strength and endurance I’ve accumulated so far. So, no thanks to that too.

Instead I go all Catholic and just flog myself with an extra week of whatever phase I left off with. Tonight that meant doing Chest and Back. All I can say is, woof!

Oh, and owie.

Reps went up on most of the exercises and weights were increased on the lifts. I’m going to sleep well tonight.

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