Workout Journal – Spring Break Edition

Did I plan to do workouts during my vacation last week in the Bahamas? Yes, I most certainly did.

Did I actually follow-through on that plan? Nope.

I ain’t gonna lie, I don’t feel bad about this even one tiny bit.

See, it’s like this – First, it was recovery week, which with P90X amounts to doing yoga, stretching and doing a couple of light workouts. The point is to give your body a chance to catch up, and, well, recover from the stress placed on it during the previous three weeks. While I wasn’t exercising on vacation I swam and walked about twice as much as I do during a typical week at home. I also got about 9 hours of sleep each night and relaxed the heck out of myself. I’d say I accomplished the recovery goal pretty effectively.

That said, I’m not counting this as strictly sticking with the program. Not a failure, but not much of an accomplishment either.

And here’s the thing, I was on vacation. One I sorely needed.

So, what now? Well, I’m going to rewind and repeat week 3 of P90X and then move on from there. I’m also going to put some focus into my nutrition (because, well, that went to hell in a handbasket on vacation – as it usually does and probably should do).

What I’m not going to do is beat myself up, feel bad and/or guilty. Way too many folks are all about cycles of pride and shame when it comes to reaching for fitness goals. No thanks. I deserve to treat myself better than that, thankyouverymuch.


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