2017 MLB Uniform Nerditude

It’s once again time to break down every color change, every patch and everything else you will see on the diamond this season.

Source: Uni Watch breaks down the 2017 slate of MLB uniforms

Ultimately, this is all I care about:

In other news…

  • The D-Backs will continue to look awful
  • The Marlins will look slightly less awful
  • The Padres will have the most dull unis in the league

I have to add, the camo uni thing really needs to stop. They look ridiculous. Want to support the troops, MLB? Donate to veterans’ health and mental health care charities. Set up preferential hiring for veterans. Dressing up like faux commandos once a week is fugly.

And when did it become a thing that you win the World Series and change the letters on your jersey to gold for one year? That = also dorky.

Don’t get me started on the Rays plans for their road alternate unis.



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