Workout Journal – 3/29/17 – Shoulders & Arms

Shoulders, bis and tris. That’s all Shoulders & Arms is. Shoulders, bis and tris.

I gotta say this – I’d do this one for fun.

I like lifting weights so long as I don’t have to lift them with my legs. Curls, presses and whatnot are my bag.

Of course that means Shoulders & Arms is probably the workout I get the least overall benefit from. Sure, I sweat and I breath heavy but nothing about this one is tough. It’s work. But it’s not tough.

There’s very little in the way of coordination, balance or any of the other things that make you feel feeble and awkward doing other parts of P90X. I half suspect Tony stuck this one in there so everyone could feel jolly for at least one day a week.

That said, when I do this one consistently my arms look nice.

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