What giving a shit looks like – Mike Trout

Mike Trout is a stud.

Look, I doubt you can find any baseball fan who doesn’t think the guy is pretty close to a near-perfect baseball player. Here’s an example, beyond his physical in-game skills:


Trout suggested that if it’s a good idea to bring up minor league players for a chance to see what it’s like at the big league level during spring training, why not do the same with umpires?

Give the MLB umps the first half-ish of the game and then let the minor league guys take over and see what they can do. Not only that, give them a chance to see if what they’re working toward – a big league umpiring career – is something they can handle and/or really want to do.

This, my friends, is called giving a shit. What makes a great game, Mr. Mike Trout, understands, is not just highly capable players, but highly capable officials. In any enterprise you want the pipeline healthy. Smart.

Not only that, but Trout is showing that he genuinely cares about the game he plays and is looking for ways, any ways, to improve and enhance an institution he loves.

Many folks have said it, and it doesn’t get any less true for being said often – if you’re going to do a thing, do it well. The bit lots of folks miss is that they only focus on things they can personally do well. They might have ideas about how to improve their field, but they keep them to themselves. That is not giving a shit.

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