Justice League – Hell Yes! (so far)

Justice League is coming.

Based on the first trailer I’m all in.

I’m pretty sure, as others have commented, I’d watch a whole movie of actual super-powered beings capping on Batman for not actually having any powers. That this film is going to center around Jack Kirby’s craziest contribution to the world of superheroes (the whole Darkseid/Apokalips/New Gods thing) from the comics basically seals the deal for me.

And yes, I am aware that Zack Snyder is not to be trusted. Trailers can be made to look a bleak and hopeless film (*cough* Batman v Superman *cough*) look fun, but I’m pretty sure the suits made it clear to Snyder that the point of superhero movies is entertainment. If he somehow manages to screw this one up he can probably forget about getting a big budget to make anything in the future.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Aquaman kinda rules here.

On a more serious note – I love the way they’ve differentiated The Flash’s powers in the movie universe from those we’ve seen on the TV series. TV Flash is well below the potential any comics fan knows he has, but this Flash is the utter badass comic fans know and love.

Initial excitement level: Maxed Out.

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