MR. FREEZE: Afterthought or Lost Potential For Awesome?

Source: MR. FREEZE: The Fifth Beatle of Batman Villains | 13th Dimension, Comics, Creators, Culture

Mr. Freeze is a villain that Batman writers in the comics seemed to trot out regularly for no real good reason.

In the comics he was one-dimensional. Then with the version that debuted in Batman: The Animated Series he suddenly became excellent.

I remember when I read that Freeze was going to be a featured villain in Batman & Robin I squeed hard (all the way up until I saw he was going to be played by Arnold – which I knew would be terrible). So there’s a part of me who hopes that when the Batfleck movie is finally made we’ll skip the Joker and deal with Mr. Freeze. It won’t happen, but I can dream.

A potential roadmap to how you could even integrate him into a plot that includes other villains is in the Arkham City video game. Mr. Freeze as a pawn of other villians – both a bad guy and a victim Batman has to save.

Come on, Hollywood, you can do this.

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