Workout Journal – 3/25/17 – Kenpo X

Workout Journal – 3/25/17 – Kenpo X

There’s a phrase that sticks in my head from a seminar I attended a couple of years ago:

Stay in your lane.

In terms of fitness staying in my lane for me means:

  • Sticking with workouts I actually enjoy
  • Workouts that fit in with who I am
  • Following a program that has proven to get results aligned with my goals

I love P90X. So first criteria met by starting the program again about two weeks ago. I have never gotten stronger in ways that were meaningful to the activities I like to do and need to do in order to be a happy Joe, so thatfills slot 2. And I’m not trying to lose weight per se, so hyper cardio ain’t my thing and lots of lifting is also problematic because I have a tendency to bulk up when I do that.

I’m most successful following a program I can do at home because it’s tough to generate valid excuses to blow off a workout when getting it done mostly involves switching on the tv and moving the coffee table three feet to the left.

My flavor of choice for home fitness is firmly in the Beachbody universe and it’s funny – comical actually – watching adults who have had success transforming their level of fitness doing really tough programs like p90X or Insanity twist themselves in knots to justify doing Country Heat.

Sorry, Autumn, love you, but modern country pop gives me dry heaves and doing a dance program in my living room would make me feel like a shut in.

I’m not ragging on the quality of programs like Cize or Country Heat. If that’s your thing – if that’s staying in your lane – then rock on, my friends. I’m just saying that on the utterly odd chance I’d want to do a dance workout I’m heading to the gym for a group class because, well that just seems more fun. Ultimately, it ain’t in my lane.

Today’s workout – Kenpo X – is totally in my lane. Oddly enough the first time I did it I utterly hated every minute. It exposed my lack of balance and coordination at the time in ways that bruised the shit out of my ego. But I embraced Tony Horton’s philosophy – if you suck at it that means you’ve found out exactly what you need to work on – and got better. I’m pretty sure I still look more like Jerry Lewis than Bruce Lee during the workout, but I feel better and I know I’m a lot more coordinated than I was the first time I tried this in 2009.

That’s two weeks done. Just keep pushing play.

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