No Two Ways About It – Buster Posey’s a Stud

The Giants backstop may not inspire fear with the power of his arm, but his excellent metrics on other areas make him pretty darn close to perfect.

Source: Buster Posey’s superior advanced catching metrics make him elite – SweetSpot- ESPN

One of the main reasons I’ve lost the festering hatred I once had for the Giants is Buster Posey. The guy is just flat out good.

This is coming from a guy who bleeds blue.

The fact is you don’t get the kinds of performances from Bumgarner or any of the other Giants pitchers that have carried them to success after success in the past several seasons without a monster backstop.

The fact that Posey is displacing Yadier Molina as the best defensive catcher in the National League is not a small thing either. Yadier has always seemed like the culmination – like the final product of several prototypes – to come out of the catcher-packed Molina clan.

So, props to you Buster, and best wishes for another great season… just not great enough to beat the Dodgers, ok?

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