Unfuck your back…

My back is a trainwreck.

I have been in near constant pain for over a year now. I’ve had needles poked into me, spent hours in physical therapy, taken medications and what I have to show for it is pretty much the same pain I had when this started. It’s entirely possible that my back is simply suffering from being 50 years old.

My response to this situation has been less than stellar.

Drinking was involved.

Denial was involved.

Becoming a slug was involved.

About three months ago I decided to knock that crap off. Yes, my back pain is obnoxious, but that’s no excuse, literally, for letting the rest of my body go to shit.

So, I’ve started doing workouts again. They help some, but that’s not even the point. As my doctor said recently, “Doing resistance training might help your back get better, or it might not help at all. But when all is said and done, even if it doesn’t help, you’re stronger, fitter and healthier because of it. Your back might still hurt, but you’ll be stronger.”

This article – Train Your Abs Without Wrecking Your Back, by Brad Borland was also a big help, so I’ve shared it here as a resource for anyone else suffering from the same kind of situation. Often when your abs are weak your back hurts. I struggle with building and maintaining strength in my core because a lot of the traditional exercises to build that area actually cause me more pain. So I’m trying this out to supplement my other workouts.

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