P90X2 – Can You Do It On One Leg?

P90X2 – Can You Do It On One Leg?

Each of these programs is one I have personal experience with (as in, I’ve actually done the program, start to finish myself).

In my reviews I will tell you what I like about each, as well as what I didn’t like or struggled with. I will also give you my assessment of who each one might be a good fit for.

Ah Tony.

P90X2¬†was my next step after T25. Most folks don’t even know this program exists. Even being a big fan of P90X even I missed it when it was introduced. I was beyond stoked when I ordered it, and believe it is a massively well-designed program that really took my own physical abilities way beyond anything I’d ever tried before. It’s not, however, without flaws.

The Good:

Like its predecessor, P90X2 is a 90 day, full-body program with tons of variety. The two things that make it really exceptional though are also the things that have probably kept it from being more popular.

P90X2 focuses on balance and mobility in a big way. Every routine starts with warm up and foam rolling to release facia that can limit range of motion. If all you did was learn the foam rolling from P90X2 and practice it regularly your health and fitness would improve a lot. The focus on balance in all the routines builds core stability that’s really important if you want to be able to perform at your best in the real world.

The Bad:

The workouts are long. Most days you’re spending 20 minutes just warming up and doing foam rolling before you even break a sweat. That can get frustrating, and really won’t work for people who are impatient and want to dive in.

You need plenty of equipment. In addition to needing weights, a pull-up bar (or resistance band you can anchor securely) you also need an appropriately sized inflatable fitness ball and a couple of weighted medicine balls. If you’re working out in your living room this can start to drive you a bit bats.

You need humility. There are quite a few moves in P90X2 that are, frankly, just impossible to do when you start out. I fell on my face so many times during the program I lost count. As you gradually build the core stability and balance you need to do these tough moves you’ll feel awesome about your accomplishment, but in the meantime your ego is going to take a beating.

You also need lots of patience. Results don’t materialize rapidly with X2. If you stick it out for 90 days you’ll see and feel them, but as you move through the program you might feel like you’re stalled.

What Do You Need:

A fitness ball (appropriately sized for your height), a pair of weighted medicine balls, a pull-up bar (or resistance band you can anchor securely) and a selection of dumbbells or adjustable weights. X2 also takes a little bit more space than P90X to be able to get the most out of some of the workouts.

What’s the Best Way To Get It?:

P90X2 is available as a part of the Beachbody On Demand package accessible via streaming devices like Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV and Chromecast, as well as on your computer, tablet or mobile device along with tons of other programs. Why this way? Because you get a lot more for your money. Simple as that.

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