P90X – The Mother of All Home Fitness Programs

P90X – The Mother Of All Home Fitness Programs

Each of these programs is one I have personal experience with (as in, I’ve actually done the program, start to finish myself).

In my reviews I will tell you what I like about each, as well as what I didn’t like or struggled with. I will also give you my assessment of who each one might be a good fit for.

P90X was my first home workout program, and is still my favorite. I’ve done a total of 5 rounds of this program, but I mishandled the first two, so I’ll say I’ve successfully done 3 rounds of P90X to completion.

The Good:

There’s lots of variety so it’s quite hard to get bored with it, even after 90 days or more. The workouts are very challenging, even for an athletic person or someone who has been into fitness for a long time, but they’re not impossible, and it’s relatively easy to modify most moves to work around physical limitations. Because the routines are at least an hour long each you’re doing plenty of work.

There’s no way to complete this program, if you’re also managing your nutrition and rest appropriately, and not see some pretty dramatic results.

The Bad:

The workouts are hard. Really hard. If you make the mistake that many people do and skip the fitness test in the program guide you won’t actually know if you’re ready for P90X or not. It’s crucial that you read the guide and make sure you’re well prepared beforehand. Let me put it to you this way – in a lot of ways P90X is the CrossFit of home fitness programs. Minding your form and not letting your ego get the better of you is crucial to make sure you don’t hurt yourself.

Tony Horton is also an acquired taste for many people. Me, personally, I love him. I could listen to him talk all day, but I know plenty of people who find him highly irritating. If you’re easily annoyed, this might not be the trainer you’re looking for.

What Do You Need:

You need weights, a pull-up bar or someplace you can anchor a resistance band and enough space to move around a bit.

Best Way To Get It?

You can still order the DVD’s, but by far the best way to access the program is via a Beachbody On Demand membership. You can access the system from a computer, tablet, mobile phone, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku or Chromecast device. For less than half the retail price of the DVD you can get one year’s access to the entire Beachbody library.

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