Insanity: The Asylum – Definitely Not For The Timid

Insanity: The Asylum – Woof!

Each of these programs is one I have personal experience with (as in, I’ve actually done the program, start to finish myself).

In my reviews I will tell you what I like about each, as well as what I didn’t like or struggled with. I will also give you my assessment of who each one might be a good fit for. I’ve listed the programs in the chronological order I did each in.

After I finished my third round of P90X I wanted to try something new. Insanity: The Asylum was just out and I figured if I could do P90X I could do anything. Yikes.

The Good:

If P90X is hardcore, The Asylum is just plain old brutal. If you are an athlete who needs to get in game-shape quickly or improve your agility and speed and you need to do it at home, Asylum is perfect. The program is specifically designed for athletes to challenge their fitness and take it to the next level.

The Bad:

My coach and I both did The Asylum around the same time. We came up with a new name for it – Fork In The Eye. Asylum is so freakin’ tough that it’s hard to motivate yourself to do your daily workout. If you’re not in pretty close to top shape when you start Asylum might just wipe the floor with you.

The workouts also take quite a bit of space to do them properly. There’s a fair amount of speed rope work and most routines involve the use of an agility ladder, which is a cool tool, but to use it properly you need plenty of room to work. One of my challenges with Asylum was trying to do the workouts in my dinky living room. After smacking the sofa with my jump rope one too many times I basically had to give up on the rope drills and do the modified versions. I also found working with the ladder tough in such limited space.

Like P90X, if you’re not ready, physically, for this program you can get hurt. The real problem here is I honestly cannot imagine too many people doing home workouts who would be ready.

What Do You Need:

The program comes with a speed rope and agility ladder. You’ll also need a pull-up bar and plenty of room to do the workouts in.

The Asylum is included in the Beachbody On Demand all access package. Although you’ll need to get a jump rope and agility ladder to actually do any of these workouts as well.

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