Focus: T25 – Short and Sweet

Focus: T25 – Short and Sweet

Each of these programs is one I have personal experience with (as in, I’ve actually done the program, start to finish myself).

In my reviews I will tell you what I like about each, as well as what I didn’t like or struggled with. I will also give you my assessment of who each one might be a good fit for.

After my less than pleasant experience with Asylum you’d think I’d be done with Shaun T, and I’ll have to admit I was gun shy, but I had gotten into a rut, gained back some weight and needed a kick in the pants. I joined a¬†Focus T25¬†challenge group and had a blast. T25 is, to this day, one of my all-time favorite workout programs.

The Good:

As advertised, the workouts are short. Each one is 25 minutes long. Most days I would spend more time thinking about getting ready to do my workout than the time spent doing the actual workout.

This is a very strongly cardio-focused program that you can do with no equipment at all. And unlike Asylum you can make it work in pretty much whatever amount of space you’ve got to work with. As the infomercials say, get in, get out and get done.

The routines are HIIT-based, so while you’re not exercising for much time, you’re burning calories like crazy. For someone who needs to jump start their metabolism, T25 is a great choice.

The Bad:

Shaun T likes to make you hop around… a lot. If you’ve got joint problems in your ankles, knees or hips, or back problems that are structural in nature (as in, herniated disks, or other spinal problems) you might want to give this one a pass. That said, there is a fantastic modifier on every workout who takes almost all the impact out of the routines, so it is possible even with serious physical limitations to do the program without hurting yourself.

What Do You Need:

About five feet of space and a towel. Seriously, you will sweat like crazy doing these routines.

The Best Way to Get It:

T25 is available as a part of the Beachbody On Demand package. If you’ve got a streaming device like a Roku, Fire TV or Apple TV you’ll get T25 and a ton of other programs from the library. Plus, if you travel a lot and need a way to take workouts with you there’s really not a better combo than an On Demand account, an iPad and T25. You can literally do this program in a few feet of space in your hotel room.

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