21 Day Fix Extreme – Nutrition Plus Max Results

21 Day Fix Extreme – Nutrition Plus Max Results

Each of these programs is one I have personal experience with (as in, I’ve actually done the program, start to finish myself).

In my reviews I will tell you what I like about each, as well as what I didn’t like or struggled with. I will also give you my assessment of who each one might be a good fit for.

When 21 Day Fix Extreme came out I almost didn’t give it a test run. I figured it was just going to be a slightly more intense version of 21 Day Fix and I knew what that was about. I’m glad I didn’t follow through on that inclination.

Since its release I’ve done two rounds of 21 Day Fix Extreme, and each time I wished it was a longer program. 21DFX is, by far, one of the most well-designed workout programs in the entire Beachbody catalog. It’s a perfect progression for graduates of 21 Day Fix, or for people who want to focus on weight loss who are a bit more advanced in their own fitness.

The Good:

The workouts are, like its predecessor, 30 minutes long. Where it differs from 21 Day Fix is in the use of weights. Autumn has you basically holding a weight or some form of resistance in every workout, even the cardio routine.

Once again you get the container portion system, and there are some refinements to the eating plan, including a Countdown To Competition plan that mimics the type of eating plan Autumn herself follows to prepare for a bikini competition. They brought the “extreme” to the nutrition plan this time as well as the workouts.

The routines allow you to either use weights or resistance bands, so I was able to stay on track with my first round of the program even while traveling on a business trip. I did my workouts in my hotel room without a hiccup.

The Bad:

People who have a hard time planning ahead are still going to struggle with the container system. It’s worth the effort, but can be trying for people who have difficulty with meal prep and planning.

This is still only a 21 day program, so using it for longer can get tedious. I did find that the workouts were compelling and challenging enough though that I didn’t hesitate to do a 2nd round.

The way Autumn has you wrap the resistance band around your feet for the Pilates routine has been frustrating for everyone I know who has done the program to adjust to. I got the hang of it after a couple of times through the routine, but it was annoying up to that point.

What Will You Need:

A set of light and heavy dumbbells and a resistance band. You can do all the routines with a resistance band if necessary.

You won’t need much space to do the workouts in. I had no problem doing all them in the tiny space between a hotel bed and the dresser.

What’s the Best Way To Get It?:

Just like 21 Day Fix, if you get 21DFX via Beachbody On Demand you still get all the workouts, the ability to take them wherever your tablet finds you (21DFX is a great program to take on the road – pack a set of resistance bands in your suitcase and rock it in your hotel room), but the portion containers won’t come with it this way. You can order the containers separately though, and you really do need them in order to get the most out of this program because following the portion system to get your eating in line with your goals is where the money is.

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