Science and Damned Statistics

John Oliver nails a big, big problem in the fitness world – misusing scientific studies and statistics in the interest of proving your pet point of view.

Look, we’d all love to be able to manage our weight by eating a daily prescription of chocolate and wine. It would be awesome if muscle confusion was a thing, or if some crafty combination of supplements and “super-foods” caused fat to just melt right off.

Wishful thinking and blind faith in your pet version of reality isn’t science though. It’s religion. There’s a time and place for everything. Religious devotion is a fine thing when you’re trying to seek spiritual guidance. It’s a bad idea though when you’re trying to accomplish anything related to fitness and health, however.

What works for weight loss? Burning more calories than you’re consuming.

How do you get stronger? Lift heavy things with a progression of heavier weights over time on the same lifts.

To put it simply – work hard.

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