July 2016 Nows

My back is still a partial train wreck. It’s improved, but is still limiting my ability to do things I want to do. Sticking with weight training turned out to be a bad move. I was building up the imbalances that were causing the problem, so what felt like relief was actually just distraction.

So, while I’m not uber focused on getting my back fixed at the moment, it’s still at the core of what I’m doing (pun intended).

  • Studying George Hebert’s Natural Method for training
  • Building a 100% functional-based exercise program for myself
  • Swim at least once a week
  • Walk the dog daily
  • Compile a list of resources for people recovering from injuries or dealing with chronic pain who want to maintain their fitness
  • Begin first draft of article on the above resources
  • Go on vacation

There you go. That’s July.

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