Workout Journal – 22 Minute Hard Corps Edition: Week 5

Week 5, otherwise known as “The week I started with the wrong workout because I read the calendar incorrectly,” or “The week Cardio 3 and Resistance 3 handed my my whole ass,” or, simply, “The week the m’f’ing water heater broke and I had to take legitimately cold goddamned showers.”


Day 3 of Week 5 of 22MHC: Cold Start & Resistance 3. I spent almost my entire day sitting, so I knew when it was time to get into my workout that I needed to warm up and get loose or it was going to be un-fun city. I previewed Cold Start when I first got the program but hadn’t looked at it again until today. I think I might need to incorporate this into my routine for the rest of the program. Resistance 3 wasn’t any easier the second time through than it was on my first encounter with it last week, but at least I knew what was coming this time and was a bit better prepared. Two words: Mountain Squats. Four more words: My shitty right shoulder. Last week I’d tried to do the Mountain Squats with my sandbag at first and that just was not happening. Too much instability introduced to a move that was already challenging enough. But I also figured out today that it’s not the get down/get up nature of the move that’s troublesome to me, it’s that my right shoulder, which has always had some issues, really doesn’t like holding the weight. I had not trouble with all the reps on my left side, but with the dumbbell in my right hand I was hatin’ it after just a couple reps. So I’ve got some work to do to figure out what’s going on there. Our water heater is down, so now it’s time for a brisk post-workout shower. Have a great rest of the week everyone. KPP

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Day 4 of Week 5 of 22MHC: Cardio 3 with Cold Start & Core 2. Our water heater doesn’t work right now. I’ve had pain around the base of my thumb on my left hand for over a week. My right knee hurts. My back hurts has been acting up a bit. Work is stressful right now. So what? The water heater will be fixed tomorrow, the pain in my thumb is because I’ve been playing more music, more consistently than I have in a long while, my knee and my back will get better and I’m glad I have a job. None of these things is permanent. Prince died today. That’s permanent. Whether you’re a fan or not, he was only 57 years old. So maybe, just maybe, take a break from complaining about the aches and pains and inconveniences life throws at you for a day, or a week or a month… or maybe the rest of the year. Cold showers aren’t any fun, but they’re better than no running water. Sore thumbs are annoying but they’re better than not having a way to express yourself and play with your friends. I’d rather not have a sore knee or back, but somewhere out there is a guy in a VA hospital who wishes he could feel pain below his neck. You get my drift. KPP

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Day 7 of Week 5 of 22 MHC: Cardio 2 & Core 2. Only 3 more weeks to go with this program (plus Hell Week, but I’m pretending that’s not a thing right now). My heart rate really spiked on this workout. I’ve been hitting the pause button a lot this week and giving myself longer breaks, and when I thought about it yesterday I realized I was psyching myself out, so today I motored through. Did it hurt? Yup. Did I die? Nope. When you’re in poor shape and you start exercising a little bit goes a long way, but after years of doing these programs the only way I get results is by pushing myself. The tendency though is to take the easy road. If someone says go do 15 pull-ups I can do that. Sprint for a minute? Sure, I can do that too. But just phoning it in isn’t going to make me stronger or fitter. So, I’m challenging myself for week 6. No phoning it in. Bring it every time. Let’s see what happens. KPP

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