Workout Journal – 22 Minute Hard Corps Edition: Week 4

This week threw me a lot of curveballs. There were two new workouts routines on the schedule – Resistance 3 and Cardio 3. Both were far more challenging than I was entirely prepared for (special circle in hell for you, Tony, for the no-rest-break thing in Cardio 3).

I also hurt my right arm playing bass at rehearsal on Tuesday night. Not sure what I did, but perhaps the new height on my strap is an angle my right elbow isn’t entirely thrilled with. It’s also possible it was loading my speaker cabinet in and out of the car that did me in. Whatever it was, on Wednesday my arm hurt really badly and there was no way I was going to risk making it worse, so I took an unplanned rest day. Hurray for me and listening to my body, because I was all better by Thursday morning.

After having a day to think about it, I’m very happy with my progress on the fit test too.

One month down, one month to go.

Week 4, Day 2 of 22MHC: Cardio 2 & Core 1. I can’t because… One of the most frequent things I hear. Sometimes there’s no argument. I had a woman who inquired about one of my groups once who had had her foot surgically repaired and was literally told not to put any weight on it for six months. Nope. No argument there. Most of the time though it’s really more like I don’t believe I can. That was me. My feet hurt when I walked, I got out of breath climbing a flight of stairs and my mind just had adopted the belief that I was old and weak and incapable. So I looked for easy things to do. And because they were easy they produced limited results. They were still results though. You have to start where you are and move forward from there. Crawl if you have to. Then walk. Then run. Just move forward. KPP

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Day 4 of Week 4 of 22MHC: Resistance 1. My arm is all better today, so I just jumped back in where I left off and will call Wednesday my rest day for this week. The quote from Rocky cracked me up (because quoting a fictional character is always hilarious to me for some reason), but it also seemed apt. I’ve been talking a lot lately about the things I hear often from folks who want to get into better shape or lose weight or fit into size whatever clothes. One that comes up as often as any other goes like this… “Ouch. It hurts when I do <blank>.” Ok, so simple stuff here. If the pain is in a joint that’s bad pain. At the very least it’s a strain (like the one I gave myself in my right elbow that caused me to take yesterday off). Working through a strain is a bad idea because you’ll prevent it from healing. At worst it’s a problem with the join itself. Could be torn cartilage, arthritis or any number of problems that won’t get better from doing workouts that irritate it. If that’s what you’re dealing with get to a doctor and get treated. If the pain is in your muscles… well duh. You just did a workout. And if you’ve been a couch potato it might hurt a lot for a few days, or a week… or two. If that’s the sort of pain you’re dealing with then listen to Rocky and suck it up, get back in the ring and keep fighting. If you’re a boxer you’re going to get hit and it’s going to hurt. If you’re exercising and challenging your body to do new things it’s gonna hurt… until it doesn’t. And trust me, when it doesn’t, you will feel like a badass. KPP

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Day 7 of Week 4 of 22MHC: Cardio 1 and my 4 Week Fit Test. Pretty pleased with my progress on the fit test after 4 weeks. I do wish my plank was stronger, but that it isn’t doesn’t surprise me much. My back has been tweaky all weekend and I know my core is not as strong as it should be. Interesting to do Cardio 1 on the same day as my fit test because of my unplanned rest day earlier this week. Not only did I have fit test number to compare to, but my memory of the first time I did Cardio 1. First time through I struggled with the side to side shuffle – couldn’t keep pace with the kids on screen – and with doing all 22 burpees on the bonus round. This time, no such problem, so that’s a measure of improvement too. The news today though was that I found a weekend pickup soccer game to check out next week. The group I’d been playing with only plays mid-week and I can’t work that into my schedule easily because they’re not consistent with their start and end times (some people can apparently take 3 hour lunches to play soccer in the middle of the workweek – not I). I’ve felt for a very long time that just doing workouts to do workouts is sort of silly. I want to be fit so I can do cool stuff you need to be fit to do. Cycling was my main focus for that, but my back prefers it if I not ride too often. So, whee! Soccer! Hope you’ve had a great weekend and I wish you all a great week ahead. KPP

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