Workout Journal: 22 Minute Hard Corps Edition – Week 2

And here we are in week 2 of 22 Minute Hard Corps.

The biggest revelation for me with this program has been that as fun as tossing iron around can be, possibly the greatest benefit I derive personally from a workout is the way it channels my daily angst.

I’m not a particularly angry person, but I am easily annoyed (note to self: not a good thing to be satisfied with – something to work on), and that’s problematic in a world that includes bureaucracy and frequent head-scratching moments in my 9-5 job, being a parent and, well, just interacting with the rest of the planet on a daily basis.

What I think I like best about Tony Horton’s programs is that I get the sense that Tony is similar to me in that he’s frequently walking around witnessing the world unfold around him going, “what in the actual heck?” At any rate, even if I’m wrong, his programs give me plenty of room to redirect my angst. This is good for me and it’s good for folks around me.

Week 2 begins! 22MHC: Resistance 2 I pulled up short on two moves in this routine. The L-crunch chin-ups and the last set of squat jumps. There’s a part of me that is really frustrated and annoyed about it. Sometimes though you need to get mad. You need to be frustrated. At least I do. It’s an uncomfortable feeling. It doesn’t sit well. So I want to change it. I’m already thinking about why. I had no problems with the pull-ups in Resistance 1. But chin-ups use a different set of muscles, and obviously those aren’t up to the same level as the ones that get recruited doing pull-ups. And I know my lower abdominals are relatively weak, so those aren’t firing the way they need to on that L-crunch portion of the move. The squat jumps are another matter. I just got gassed 20 reps in on the last set. That’s stamina, pure and simple. Both of these can improve though and they will. KPP

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Day 2 of Week 2 of 22MHC – Cardio 2 & Core 1. I love it when I improve between my first and second time doing a routine. Last time I pulled up short on two moves. This time the only one that whooped my butt was the Jimmie Jumps in the second set. Woot! I’m also starting to get more consistent with the moves in the Core 1 workout, which is good. If I’ve got one goal for the first round of this program it’s to improve my core strength. I’m already feeling improvement with my back issues, so fingers crossed. Actually, no. This ain’t about luck. It’s about sticking with the program and holding my line. Yup. Gonna do that. It’s funny too. I almost feel like I need to have a craptastic work day to get the most out of my workout later that day. Angst certainly fuels exercise. KPP

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Day 6 of Week 2: Cardio 1. Today I went off the schedule and did Cardio 1 with a big group at CrossFit ATI for the quarterly Beachbody Super Saturday event. We were asked to come in camo if we could, so I busted out my camouflage pants and my Metal Necks shirt and my boots, and I’ll tell you what – doing this workout in fatigues and boots is no flippin’ joke. Sheesh. Didn’t have my HRM on so I’m not sure what the burn was, but it was something, that’s for sure. I’ll be totally honest and transparent here – when I first started coaching the last thing I wanted to do was go to some Beachbody event. I grudgingly dragged myself to my first Super Saturday and realized something – It’s no different from going to company meetings for any other business I’ve ever been involved with. You start out thinking, “ugh, do I have to do this?” and you end up being glad you went because you got to spend time with people who do what you do, who struggle with the same things you struggle with and who need you to be there as much as you need them, for that reinforcement. I haven’t missed a Super Saturday since. Today was fun. Good people. Good presentations and hitting 22 Minute Hard Corps in a room full of other people turned it up a notch. I think I was almost as sweaty as Mark Briggs. KPP

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