Workout Journal – 22 Minute Hard Corps Edition: Week 1

I get a lot of questions from people exercise and nutrition (because, duh, this blog is focused on exercise and nutrition). What I hear most often is simply, “What program are you doing and why?”

Right now the answer to that question is 22 Minute Hard Corps. I’m a big Tony Horton fan. I credit Tony’s original P90X program with getting me past the plateau I was on for about a year after I’d tried to cobble together my own fitness routine. I also just enjoy his smart-assed attitude. What I didn’t realize though is that I also just grok the way he sets up a program and the routines jibe with the way my body wants to work.

I did a workout journal for my experience with 21 Day Fix Extreme last year. It was a struggle with my schedule and other demands on my time to keep that going as a daily thing, so what I’ve decided to do with this journal is weekly entries to sum up how it went, what I’m learning and how my body is responding to the program. I do daily workout posts on Instagram, and what I’m going to do here is compile those posts, and add some afterthoughts as needed. If you want the daily stuff, go follow my IG feed.


New program time – Day One of Week One of 22 Minute Hard Corps: Cardio 1 & Core 1 I got some extra motivation to bring it with this program yesterday. I did my fit test, took my photos and took my measurements, and while I gained strength doing Hammer & Chisel it’s obvious that I blew it with my nutrition because after 60 days my body composition is essentially the same as it was when I started. Plus, I lost strength in my back (my max reps on pull-ups on my fit test was 13 in one minute – a year ago I could easily do twice that many). There’s a bunch of things going on there. Like I said, nutrition was off (as in, I was a lazy SOB about it for the first 30 days of the program), but also I think I’ve come to the conclusion that my metabolism adapts really quickly to resistance training because of all the endurance activities (cycling, running & soccer) I’ve done throughout my life. So, Tony Horton to the rescue once again. I faced this same situation a few years ago when I’d been mostly training at the gym on big lifts. Gained a lot of strength, but also got gooey around the middle. Tony saved my bacon then (and allowed me to eat bacon) so I’m hopeful we get back where I want to be in a couple of months of going Hard Corps (I had to say it). It’s funny, but as a Coach you get excited about new programs, and you want to give them a shot, but you’ve got to know what works best for you. As one of my mentors said, “stay in your lane.” Don’t get distracted by shiny things. Do the thing that works for you. KPP

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Week one, day two of 22 a Minute Hardcorps: Resistance 1 Ok, now I'm in my lane. First time doing this routine and I loved it. Push-ups, squats, pull-ups and lunges. Got it. This isn't just my lane, it's my wheelhouse. Very happy I was able to do all 35 pull-ups. The two moves that challenged me a lot were the weighted reverse lunges and the sit-up punches. I have instability in my left knee and hip that makes doing lunges quickly a challenge, and my core is, to put it bluntly, hella weak. But I see the path forward and I'm looking forward to seeing how I do next time. I say it often enough to others – the workouts that challenge you, that are the hardest, they're the ones you need the most – but if you're battling with yourself to do the workout because you dislike it or you're bored with it, well, you won't do it more often than not, and there's no point in that. Glad to be back in Tony's club. KPP

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Week One, Day Four of 22 Minute Hard Corps:  Resistance 1. I got my ass handed to me today. I finally got around to filling up my PT sandbag before doing my workout today and, well, one wouldn’t think something as little as changing from dumbbells to a sandbag would make such a difference, but it most certainly did. I got halfway through the bonus round at the end and literally collapsed. That might not sound like a good thing (and under some circumstances it wouldn’t be) but it really is exactly what I was hoping for. I’ve talked all week about how this program is, for me, about staying in my lane when it comes to exercise and a huge part of that is psychological. I need to be wiped out. See, this stuff isn’t just about exercise for me. When I test myself and go to my limit it resets the emotional and mental hard drive. Just what I needed. KPP

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Week 1, Day 7 – 22MHC: Resistance 1. Had to shift the calendar this weekend. My Saturday was taken up with a project to run pipe from our new sump pump and that requires no less than 3 trips to the hardware store and lots of trial and error. So instead of today being my rest day, yesterday got that honor by default. What do I know about this program after completing my first week? That it's fun. Fun for me anyway. I also know that my body is responding to it the way I had hoped for. I'm down 2.6 pounds this week and I've dropped a third of a point off my body fat percentage. My back feels better than it has in months. I also noticed my pants fit better when I got dressed for work on Friday in a suit that was snug the last time I had worn it. Big thumbs up from me. Can't wait to see what the next 7 weeks bring. GET SOME! KPP

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