Summer Strong Boot Camp

The Boot Camp Starts April 4th
Registration Ends on March 28th22HC_COO_1_728x90

Summer Strong Boot Camp!
– Make time for your health and fitness!

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We’d be busy anyway, but with family responsibilities in the mix it can be a struggle to find time for yourself.

I get the struggle. I am a professional facility manager for a large financial services company who is married, with two kids (and a dog). Time management is an ongoing challenge, along with eating right, staying active and making space in life to just be and enjoy it all.

Along the way I battled to lose 65 pounds, get my health under control and learn to take better care of myself for what I hope is a long road ahead. Finding time to get to the gym and squeeze in a good workout without robbing time from other priorities was one struggle. Learning to feed my body properly was another.

There’s no magic formula, but there is a system that works

Exercise + Nutrition + Consistency + Support = Success

If you’ve tried other programs, bought diet books and logged hours at the gym but you haven’t reached your goals you might be frustrated, or worse yet believe that you’re just too old to make it happen anymore. With the right program, that takes into account your strengths, weaknesses, preferences and goals, you can reach your health and fitness goals and even surpass them.

Working together we will select the correct program to suit your needs, work with and around your weaknesses (or limitations) and move towards your goals and beyond them. There are many great programs available, and I will help you select one that addresses the needs of busy, working adults who are already spinning enough plates.


80% of all results in health and fitness come from nutrition. Your Boot Camp package will include a 30-day supply of a Super-Food smoothie that contains over 70 natural, nutritious ingredients picked from the most fertile soils from around the world. Nothing artificial. This will be key to your success because it guarantees that at least one meal per day will be perfectly aligned with supporting our work in The Boot Camp.

You will belong to a group of people just like you working towards their own goals. With daily check-ins, assignments and weekly contests the group will keep you on track and accountable for the full 30 days so that you can take advantage of the compound effect of making good choices day by day.


You will receive 1 on 1 support from me as your coach to answer questions, offer advice and guide you through your program. I am a working professional, a husband and father who is active in my community and the lives of my children. I have been down your path and will provide the guidance you need to achieve and surpass your goals. You will also have the support and motivation that the online Boot Camp provides. I take great care in selecting participants for each Boot Camp and we work to build a community of friendship, love and unqualified support and motivation for each participant.

When you combine Exercise + Nutrition + Consistency + Support you will blast past your goals, alter your life and be a better partner, a better parent and who is ready for your next act. You will also gain confidence at work and in your other endeavors. You will lose weight, gain strength and be ready to claim your spot as king of the mountain.


The Boot Camp Starts April 4th
Registration Ends on March 28th

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