How To Start Over

You had such grand plans for 2016. This was going to be YOUR YEAR!

Then you had to go to get up in the morning and stepped on a Lego brick. You got to work and your boss yelled at you for something you had no control over. While you were at lunch you spilled salad dressing on a new silk tie.Your spouse called to tell you the car is going to need new brakes. You went to the grocery store after work and discovered the extensive grocery list you’d spent two hours working on over the weekend never saved to your iPhone. Then you got home and the dog puked on the rug.

Wine and chocolate ensue.

Not necessarily in that order.

Here’s the thing, defeat at the hands of the forces of nature is part of all our lives. The outside world cannot be bargained with or made to comply with our will. You’re a grown-up. You know this, and I’m willing to bet you’re really good at taking a deep breath and soldiering on in most aspects of your life already.

You don’t, for example, give up on a project at work because there were vendor issues, or supply chain hiccups. No. Of course not. You deal with it and move on. But when it comes to personal projects, whether that’s weight loss, fitness, financial goals or just getting the bathroom painted we all tend to throw in the towel at the first sign of resistance.

This is one of the big problems with putting so much weight behind new years resolutions and starting fresh just because the calendar pages flipped over. It’s arbitrary. So don’t get hung up on the date. If this week sucked donkey balls with regard to your goals, suck it up and try again. Hell, you might find you need to start over every day for a while before you can get any traction. That’s ok.

Give yourself permission to suck at this and start over.

The always wise and helpful Mark Sisson offers a great list here of suggestions for how make a New Day’s Resolution instead of a New Year’s Resolution here. Check it out.

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