2016 Resolutions – Maybe It Just Isn’t Meant To Be

Leave it to John Oliver to nail it, maybe your 2016 resolutions just weren’t meant to be.

And yes, I know, I did post about how to un-suck your resolutions and how to make sure your goals are worth striving for, because if you’re going that route I do want you to succeed.

Here’s the thing though – odds are you won’t, and John isn’t too far off the mark about why.

If you’ve got 2016 resolutions I bet you had 2015 resolutions, 2014 resolutions, 2013 resolutions, etc. And I’m willing to bet they were pretty much the same ones year after year.

Why haven’t you accomplished them? Why do you need to keep coming back to the trough?

I’m going to offer these three possible reasons:

  1. They’re stupid, and meaningless. Unless a goal really matters to you there’s pretty much no chance you’ll reach it.
  2. You’re lazy. Tough love time here – even a worth goal is unreachable if you aren’t going to do the work to make it happen.
  3. Changing your life is only important to you on January 1st. Here’s my biggest grip with resolutions: If you’re fat on July 1st and you wait until the following January to do something about it then that’s six months more time you’ve invested in digging yourself a hole to climb out of of on January 1st that could have been spent solving the problem.

So don’t have a resolution.

I’m a facilities manager by trade. That means I fix shit. Some shit I fix when it breaks, but mostly I get paid to make sure it doesn’t break. Apply that principle to your life – stop waiting around for obvious signs something is broken before you pay attention to it. Be a grown up and take care of your business.

Oh, and watch more John Oliver, because he’s a genius.

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