What the heck is “Now”?

Derek Sivers, a guy with no lack of great ideas, came up with a great idea for bloggers and really grabbed me – a Now page.

The idea is to post what your current priorities are so that everyone knows what you’re working on, and also to have something to use as a gut-check on whether what you’re doing, at the moment, is related or relevant to your goals.

One of the problems with creative people who want to make things happen is that we’re often really easily distracted. Everyone likes cool stuff, but if you’re like me that’s a curse. Cool stuff is like a shiny object in my peripheral vision that keeps flashing at me and tempting me to turn my head and take my focus off things I really need to and want to pay attention to.

Still, I have to do things my way, and in sync with how my head works, so instead of creating a page which I would edit and dump things or add things to I created a blog category, to capture posts related to my Now. Obviously, I might change it up going forward, but for now (pun intended) I’ll start with this introduction and a post about where my focus is (or should be) this month. Then we will see where it goes from there.

Thanks Derek.

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