December 2015 Nows

We’ve had some major upheaval in my family recently with the death of my step-father, so December’s Now list is likely to reflect that. I say this because I want to give fair warning to my readers that my focus is pretty narrow these days out of necessity.

Here’s what’s on the agenda for December 2015:

  • Regular calls to my mother to check on her state of mind and make sure she knows she’s not alone.
  • Supporting my sister in arranging care for our mother and with her own health issues.
  • My own, immediate family (wife, kids) – being as present for them in a positive way as I possibly can be.
  • Close out of my Insanity Max: 30 workouts and start-up of 21 Day Fix Extreme to try and prevent as much of the holiday bloat as I can.
  • Completion of Amy Porterfield’s Facebook Marketing training.
  • Return to creating regular and useful content for this blog (gotta get back into the habit of writing at least weekly – and build a solid content plan to use as a guide).
  • Management of my 80/20 Holiday Fitness Challenge and support to the folks participating in that.
  • Recruitment for participants in the new Hammer & Chisel boot camp that starts at the end of the month.
  • Daily personal development reading/audiobook listening.
  • Reach out daily to friends to stay connected and fend off seasonal depression.
  • Hiring a new CPA to handle our taxes going forward.
  • Stay on-track with projects at my 9-5 job.

And that’s really enough, isn’t it. What’s on the back burner? Any new professional development work. I had considered pursuing a NASM certification this winter, but that’s a time and mental focus commitment I know would blow up in my face.

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