Super Moon Eclipse Playlist – 9-28-15

As I stood out in my backyard yesterday evening trying to get a glimpse of the super moon eclipse through the clouds I thought to myself about what it must have been like for our ancestors to witness such an event.

Imagine, you’re a simple farmer, whose only education has come from sermons you’ve heard in church, and the knowledge passed down from your parents and grandparents about how to grow food, protect your crops, maintain your home and, perhaps, hunt and or defend yourself from predators (both natural and man-made). And one night, without warning, the moon turns blood red, and looms larger in the sky than you’ve ever seen it.

I’m sorry, but if that’s me, my sh&# would be seriously messed up. I’d either go to sleep, holding my family tight, and pray for the best in the morning or completely freak out and sit up by the fire all night awaiting doom.

It’s sort of amazing to think that today we look up at such a freaky phenomenon and know exactly what’s going on. Heck, we even know it’s coming years in advance. It’s remarkable, in the face of all we do know about the natural world that any superstition survives. Even more remarkable not only that it survives, but actually thrives. One has to wonder how that happens.

So, with those weighty thoughts, here is this week’s playlist in honor of the super moon eclipse. Enjoy.

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