Rock-It Rider Playlist – Ultra Happy Playlist #1

On a recent podcast Chalene Johnson talked about methods to improve your mood. Specifically, she was talking about expressways to feeling happier. One of my favorites on her list was to listen to songs that never fail to improve your mood.

Her idea, that my inner music critic resisted a bit, is you should have a few go-to playlists on your iPod or Spotify or whatever method you use to access your favorite music, that are just guaranteed to perk you up and bring you to your happy place, without any concern for the way others might react to your song choices. In other words – you love these songs a whole bunch, even if they might make your friends’ nose hairs curl a little bit.

Well, ok, Chalene. Game on. Here’s my first Ultra Happy Playlist. Here is an hour of music guaranteed to make me grin. I hope they help you out too.

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