10 Day Clean Eating Challenge

Why do a 10 day clean eating challenge?

Simple. You will feel and look better.

Me? I do this periodically to remind myself of one simple fact – you are what you eat. Eat poor quality, processed food and you get a poor quality, processed body and mind.

I make these challenges simple. Simple to do, simple to adhere to.

10 Day Clean Eating Challenge

You pick your level and make a commitment to stick with that level for the duration of the challenge.

I’m there to keep you on track, offer support and encouragement and, occasionally, a course correction.

The rest of the group are people just like you. They’re stuck, their habits have gotten a little sloppy or they just don’t quite know where to start to move themselves towards a fitter and healthier life. We cheer each other on, and we’re there to catch each other when we stumble.

This group is 100% free, and will be hosted in a private Facebook group. What happens in the 10 Day Clean Eating Challenge stays in the 10 Day Clean Eating Challenge. 😉

Sign up, and invite your friends and family to join you. It’s a big ol’ healthy party!


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