Rock-It Rider Playlist for July 13, 2015

Easiest playlist I’ve ever put together for this site.

Spend a week around me and you’re guaranteed to hear some AC/DC, and Spotify just added the entire catalogue. In typical Spotify wonky fashion though there are some records that won’t play yet (or this week, I really don’t understand how their system works at all – one would think that if you’re going to list a track on the site that, at the very least, your paying customers would be able to listen to it if they want to. If you can’t listen to it, don’t list it – end rant), so there are some tracks I would have loved to put on here that I deferred for a later list.

Have a great week. Keep rockin’ in the semi-free world everyone. If you have requests or ideas for future playlists, let me hear them.

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