Tuesday Mid-Day Ride

File this under the best laid plans.

Today I got up and decided that it made sense to ride about 24 miles out to Livermore to catch the racers as they sprinted through Livermore on Stage 3 of the 2015 Tour of California. The ride there was fine, except for my work phone ringing twice with calls I had to stop and answer, which totaled up to about 20 minutes worth of delays.

I missed the racers by about 10 minutes.


Then the fun began. Today we had some fierce winds. Headwinds for my entire ride back home. Ugh.

I hate wind.

My wife once asked me which was more troublesome, hills or wind. Easy answer – wind. You can ride to the top of a hill, and then there’s a descent over the other side to reward you for your labors. There is no top to wind. There is just cursing.

I think I managed to curse in six different languages along the 24 mile return trip on my ride today.

I think I even swore in Klingon.

In fact, I know I swore in Klingon.

Who was I angry with? Myself. It would have been a simple matter to check the weather and see what the winds would be like before I committed to riding today. Did I do that? Nope. It also would have made way more sense to drive down to get close to my objective and ride out to a good viewing point.

Today, I was dumb.

On the plus side, I got a really good workout.

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