Tony Horton Q&A – Wisdom From That Guy

I’m a big Tony Horton fan. My first program was P90X, and it probably shouldn’t have been. I was not fit enough to do it. I took the fit test, didn’t pass and did the program anyway.

Of course I didn’t read the book that came with the videos, or even look at the nutrition guide. And when it came to following the calendar I couldn’t be bothered.

Yoga? Nope.

Rest days? Nope.

Heck, if I take those out I can finish this in two months!

Nope. A month and a half in I crashed and burned due to overtraining, lack of quality nutrition to support the level of work I was doing and a lack of rest and recovery. Once I got over the flu bug I’d picked up and started to feel human again though I didn’t hesitate to throw myself back into it.

Why? Because even though I’d done the program very wrong, I still loved it and could feel it working (as much as it could with the sloppy way I was managing it). And I also just dug Tony because scattered throughout his cornball jokes (which I actually like) and his clowning, he threw down grains of real wisdom about why people fail to progress with their workout programs, and why an attitude that’s all about aesthetics is just a kind of lousy reason to be training.

Since then I’ve read his books, done three other programs he’s designed, gotten to do a couple of live workouts he led and heard him speak in person.

These Q&A sessions he does on YouTube are little nuggets of great stuff. There’s a pretty good chance that one of the questions he addresses in this video clip will throw on a light bulb over your head. Give it a shot.

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