The Rock-It Rider Playlist – 4-27-15

Sometimes you just gotta say What the Funk!

This past week included the annual Father/Daughter dance at my daughter’s elementary school. This was the fifth year in a row we’ve attended and it is one of the events of the year for us. One of the things my girl and I have in common is a love of music and an absolute lack of concern for what others think of us when we’re having fun. So we cut quite a rug this past Friday.

The DJ for the event was laying heavy on the funk and soul button, which was fine by me, and that inspired this week’s playlist. So get up offa that thing and make yourself feel better!

Seriously, if you’re not up to working out or doing some kind of deliberate exercise, just put some music on (perhaps this playlist) and boogie through your chores or your workday. I promise that will be a great way to go stylin’ and profilin’ through your day.

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