Rock-It Rider Playlist – 4-20-15

This week’s Rock-It Rider Playlist was inspired by my friend Eric Din, a veteran of several East Bay bands, but none greater than The Uptones.

The Uptones were the first band I put effort into going to see when I was in high school. I saw them open for some other band (now long forgotten) in Berkeley and proceeded to annoy everyone in earshot with my effusive love of their music, their style and the experience I’d had seeing them perform. In a scenario that would play itself out many times over the years (and continues to this day) everyone basically told me to cram it.

Then, my first wee victory came when someone from the senior class booked them to play at a school assembly.

Rock-It Rider PlaylistYeah, you read that right. The Uptones, the band I’d been telling everyone was the second coming, played in my high school gym. They were so good that day that practically the whole school became converts… and conveniently forgot anything I’d ever said about them beforehand. But that was ok. I was validated.

This week’s list starts with one of my favorite Uptones tunes and continues with a pile of other great ska, both new and old school. So, get your skanking shoes on folks and enjoy.

As always, if you’ve got suggestions or an idea for a playlist theme, send ’em my way or leave a comment, and have a great week.

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