Rock-It Rider Playlist – 4-13-15

When I was in high school there was a brief shining light of great radio called KQAK – The Quake, and I can keenly remember hearing Gary Myrick & the Figures – She Talks In Stereo and pretty much the rest of these songs played many times on that station. I never knew the whole story of why The Quake flopped, but it did. It certainly wasn’t because of the music they played, because they captivated our attention completely for the couple of years they were on the air.

I heard Gary Myrick coming out of the window of a passing car as I was riding this weekend and my brain just about short circuited. Not only was this not a hit song, about the only attention it got was being included on the Valley Girl film soundtrack. Great song though, and it made me think of The Quake. One of the great DJ’s from that station, Rick Stuart, is a cyclist too.

So, here’s you, Big Rick. Long may you ride.

If you’ve got ideas for a theme for a future playlist or requests, shoot them my way. Get out there and rock your week.

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