Cinderella Conditioning Ride #12 – 4-4-15

I wasn’t able to ride last weekend due to other obligations. So, while today’s Cinderella Conditioning Ride offered both a 60 and 70 mile distance option, my legs told me to stick with the shorter distance.

I’m glad I listened to them.

After taking a little more than two years off from riding to rehab a back injury I’m still building my endurance. I realized while out on the road today that I need to figure out how to get some shorter rides into my plans. This business of going out for 50 or 60 miles once a week works ok, but miss a week and I’m set back a bit.

The other reason I’m glad I listened to my legs this morning instead of my ego was that we’ve got a storm coming in tonight, and while it was a beautiful, clear and sunny day, we had winds gusting up to 16 mph right in our faces (or worse, crosswinds, bleah) for easily 3/4 of the ride. You know the wind is getting you down when you start what you know is going to be a long, slow climb you will be spinning your way through and you think, “Hurray for this climb, there’s no wind!”

I did one thing very different from my previous rides this year. I’ve been agonizing over what to put in my bidons and been trying different combinations. I’ve been trying to avoid the typical sports drink mixes because of a number of issues I have with their ingredients and poor past experiences (CytoMax is totally off-limits. I have no interest in farting my way through my rides.), but the simple homemade mixtures I’ve been trying have been lacking. I spent the better part of a week reading labels and being disappointed, and was trying to figure out how I was going to come up with my own mix with a 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein. Then, this morning as I was getting ready I stood there staring at my tub of P90X Results & Recovery Formula and a lightbulb went off. I picked up the tub, looked at the label and had a major DUH moment. In went the R&R to one bidon and into the other went some honey and Himalayan salt. Just add water.

I’d used R&R before and knew that my body tolerated it well, and the proof was in the pudding. My legs feel fine now and I was able to finish the planned distance without feeling gassed at the end. Problem solved. Now I just need to order a new tub of R&R.

And as if my life isn’t pretty danged wonderful anyway, I get home and my wife and daughter ask me if they can make me a steak for dinner. Can you?

Have a great Easter and Passover everyone. Ride safe.


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