Check Your Gear For Riding – Spring Cleaning

spring cleaningSpring is definitely here.

Today a breeze kicked up and blew a cloud of pollen into our living room and my eyes started burning and tearing up like I’d just watched The Fault In Our Stars again. Of all my springtime rituals, allergy season is easily my least favorite.

Spring cleaning, well, that’s another that I tend to dread… until I get into it and start actually doing it. This year I can skip one part of the spring cleaning ritual – the annual bike check-up – because I bought a brand new bike for myself for Christmas. This year I don’t need to check my drive-train, or the wear on my tires, chain brakes and rims.

But you lot, who didn’t just get new bikes, before you start riding seriously this season, you need to make sure your bike gets a good check-up. Just the other day a friend posted a photo of a busted spoke on one of his wheels that he discovered 35 miles into a ride. Another posted a pic of some unpleasant looking road rash that was the result of needing to lay his bike down to avoid a crash because his brake pads were out of alignment and weren’t going to do the job.

There’s enough danger out there on the road. Don’t make your ride even more risky by not making sure your steed is in top shape and able to keep you safe when you ride.

There are a couple of different ways to skin this particular cat. If you’re not mechanically inclined then get your ride into your local bike shop for a tune-up. I’m lucky, my bikes were both purchased from shops that provide lifetime tune-ups annually for as long as you own the bike. You may be surprised by how much work your local shop will do to make sure your bike stays in top shape. If you’ve got the tools and knowledge this is a fantastic guide to the things you need to do to check the condition of your bike from Bicycle Quarterly.

Make sure to share this article with anyone you love who rides, and please keep safe out there.

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