Cinderella Training Ride – 3-21-15

Cinderella Training Ride - 3-21-15In which I succumb to peer pressure.

Not really, but it sounds funnier if I put it that way.

Today’s ride was an out and back to Sunol. This is one of my favorite local riding destinations. I’ve got tons of memories bound up in riding out on Calaveras Road to the reservoir (which isn’t looking good, by the way, just sayin’). First time I ever rode out this way was with Team In Training and my much more ample frame found the ride a lot more difficult than modern me does, but back then it felt like such an accomplishment.

So, it was nice to revisit that a bit. And it was a gorgeous day for a ride with some great company.

Now, as for my succumbing to peer pressure. I shaved. My legs.

See, I was always that guy who said, “That’s stupid, I’m not going to do that.” And seriously, please don’t try to give me any arguments about how shaving makes a cyclist more aerodynamic. I WILL slap you.

But the thing is, hairy stems look goofy in cycling clothes. So I relented. Call me a joiner. I’m a joiner.

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