Weekly Workout Playlist – 3-9-15

Let’s just call this “Wallowing in Nostalgia: Part ?”

This week’s playlist was inspired by online exchanges with good friends who survived the same tragic hairstyles and unfortunate fashions as I did in college, but had the good fortune to get to hear some truly fantastic music – the music that laid the groundwork for the so-called alternative rock explosion of the early to mid 1990s.

weekly workout playlist - 3-9-15See, back in my day we had these things called record albums, made of vinyl, and we treated ’em like they were made of gold… or maybe out of babies… or maybe out of golden babies, and we exchanged our knowledge of said mystical artifacts by way of college radio shows and cassette mix tapes.

No one wants me on the radio anymore, and I haven’t seen a cassette (or a cassette player) in so long I’m not sure I’d know how to work one anymore. So, here’s sort of a mix tape to you all. By all means attempt to find hidden meanings in this playlist (there aren’t any, but that doesn’t matter).

Enjoy the college rock.

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