Ride Diary – 3-1-15

Ride Diary - 3-1-15I called an audible this morning. I was supposed to double-up my 21DFX workouts to get caught up (probably will still do the yoga workout later) with the calendar after having to take a day off on Friday, but I just couldn’t let this gorgeous day slip by without getting out on the road. Thus you get this entry from the Ride Diary for 3-1-15.

Hello March!

There was a ride scheduled today for the Valley Spokesmen, the group I usually ride with, but I didn’t get out in time to hook up with them, so I took their planned route, modified it a bit, grabbed my kit, filled a couple of bottles, tossed a banana in my jersey pocket and hit it.

My only complaint with today’s ride – wind. Nasty headwinds for about 50% of the ride that really slowed me down.

I remember years ago, when my wife and I were first together and she was trying to understand my fascination (some would say obsession) with riding and she asked me one day which was worse, hills or wind. I pondered it for a minute and told her I’d take pretty much any climb over any wind. You cannot ride to the summit of wind.

Other than that, my left hip was barking at me for the first 10 to 15 miles today. I decided to ignore it and see what would happen. Fortunately it shut up, and feels really good now. Sometimes you should listen to your body and sometimes you need to tell it to cram it.

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